Book Review: Angle in Our Lives by Melissa Storm

Book Review: Angels in Our Lives

by Melissa Storm

The animals in our lives are often just angels in disguise.


Six-year-old Emily needs a miracle if she’s ever to walk again. Luckily, her protector angel refuses to leave her side. In fact, she comes to Emily as a golden retriever puppy named Lulu, so that she may stay close by as the little girl struggles through recovery.


Emily and Lulu quickly become inseparable, accomplishing together what everyone believed impossible. As the years pass, Emily grows into a strong young woman while Lulu simply grows old.


Will Emily lose her angel?


This special tale of friendship is sure to bring comfort and peace to anyone who has ever mourned the loss of a beloved pet.


The story tells us about hope, friendship, faith and miracle. We always faced the uncertainty of life, the unexpectedness of the things that might happen in our lives. What inspires me in this story is that there is always someone who will come, an angel in disguise perhaps who will help us without us knowing it.


“Angels, though, were designed differently. We have no sense of self, no need to preserve, and only love for the human race. We especially love our people.”


The people around us can be our angel. Though not in the sense that they have wings but with the way they care for us and show their love.


The friendship between Emily and Lulu shows us that there is no bounds in love whether it is from animals and humans.


It is very touching and heartwarming to know the love of Lulu for her Emily from her perspective.


“And Emily knows. Every word, every touch, every glance tells me so. She hasn’t needed me for years now, though she has continued to love me—and I to love her. My purpose was fulfilled a long time ago, yet I’ve selfishly stuck around for the pure joy of her company, of being able to feel her eyes on me, to know she loved me back.”


The fact the her pet gave her selfless love to Emily makes me cry. How can a dog be so loyal and selfless until its last breath? This makes me strongly believe that we have indeed an angel in our lives. Though they come and go, but the memories they left will be forever cherished and remembered.

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