A Mystery to my Misery

My heart increase its beat the moment I’m back to my reality. Beads of sweat fall from my head. Tears streaming in my face. I tried to catch my breath. It feels like drowning myself every time I take a breathe. A struggle from my unknown misery. It always brings ache in my heart. An ache that became a longing and sorrow to the unknown.

I wanted to weep. To cry and pour this sorrow once and for all. It bleeds my heart that this longingness I feel cannot be contained anymore. I wanted to reach for you. Get a grip from the fantasy you had brought in my life. To feel the warmth of your skin. Embraced me fiercely like you don’t want me to go.

The smooth caress of your lips against mine brings all the memories of our nights. Lover mine, please come back to me. Kiss me goodbye if you part from me. Dream of you will no longer be my fantasy cause this misery is forever my reality.


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